Web Design

Novicus Systems offers complete web design solutions for your business. Our prices are very competitive and turn around time is very low.

Hosted Soultions

Novicus Systems offers a complete solution of hosted services.

Network Support

Our unique approach to network support ensures that your network is efficiently managed.


Tel: +27 83 704 1624
Tel: +27 82 456 2382
Fax: +27 86 654 4043
E-mail: info[at]novicus[dot]com

Basic DIY Computer Maintenance

basic computer maintenance

Basic maintenance can help your computer run better for longer. Just like changing the oil in your car to keep it running smoothly you also need to perform a few basic tasks to keep your computer running at its best. Here are some tips on how to acheive this.

Keep you operating system and anti-virus up to date. Read more about Basic DIY Computer Maintenance

Windows 8.1 Tips

Windows 8.1 Start Screen

The Windows 8.1 update brings some improvements that address the criticisms received from windows 8 users. For example the start menu button is back and a lock screen slide show.

Below are some useful tips for using Windows 8.1

More options from the start button

Left clicking the start button will take you to the start screen. Right clicking on the start button brings up some nifty shortcuts like Read more about Windows 8.1 Tips

Tips to increase your PC Security

PC Security

A little known fact is that most malware botnets rely on infected computers to infect more computers thereby also increasing the capacity of their botnet, so by simply keeping your computer free from malware you will be helping the world be a safer place for all.

By using a few simple techniques you can make sure your PC is clean and reduce the chance of an infection.

Use common sense Read more about Tips to increase your PC Security


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Network Design

Good network design will save you time and money and reduce downtime.


Hosted Solutions

Hosted solutions offer an "always on" way of connecting to your services.

By using cloud based services you can access your data from a wide range of devices ensuring you are always up to date.


Quick Response Time

We understand that downtime costs you and your business money that is why we ensure quick response times.


Complete Solutions

Using multiple service providers could cause confusion with Novicus you get a complete solution with a single point of contact.

The Novicus Team

With a combined experience of over 30 years the team at Novicus are always there to help you with anything you may require.

From hosting, desktop and network support to streamlining your infrastructure you can be assured of the best possible services and products at very competitive rates.

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