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Apple Developers Conference

New Announcements From Apple

Apple chief executive Tim Cook announced the firm has six big things to announce at its annual developers conference. Cook promised updates to each of Apple’s operating systems — for the Apple TV, the Apple Watch, mobile devices and computers — plus some additional announcements that he promises will be “major.”

Here are some of the details

1) Amazon is coming to Apple TV: A feud between the two companies has kept Amazon’s library off of the Apple set-top box. But the firms appear to have buried the hatchet a little. That’s good for consumers, who have been caught in the middle of a battle between two titans that has made the streaming world needlessly complicated.

2) Apple Watch is getting an update: Siri is getting smarter on the Apple Watch, with a new watch-face that uses the assistant to set up a feed of your day on your wrist. The watch-face seems like a mashup between Google Now and your Facebook feed — it will show you photos of old memories from previous years — and make recommendations for you. For example, if you’re close to hitting your activity goals for the day, the watch-face will tell you exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals.

3) Apple’s reveals new Mac operating system — High Sierra — and Macs get a refresh

Apple’s next operating system is called High Sierra, and will be a free update to the current Sierra system.

Apple also announced a slew of updates to the Mac lineup, which has been overdue for an update. The new desktops now have higher memory capacity and stronger graphics performance.

Apple is also refreshing its notebooks, with the Macbook and MacBook Pro moving to faster processors and faster solid-state hard drives. The 15″ MacBook Pro is also getting faster graphics.

Apple also announced a new iMac Pro, which will be available in December. Apple is clearly trying to position its desktop and laptop computers to appeal more to creative professionals, including game developers. The firm talked a lot about support for virtual reality, something it hasn’t spoken that much about before.

4) iOS 11 gets some redesigns

Apple is also revamping the control centre on iOS — the panel that comes up to let you control volume, brightness, etc. — to make it even larger and space out some of the functions.

Siri will also speak (a little) more naturally in female and male voices, and use some sort of machine learning to suggest apps that you may want to use.

Maps also received a couple of updates, including indoor maps for places such as malls.

The App Store is also getting a makeover, with tabs for games, apps that are notable that day, and a tab just for non-gaming apps.

Thanks to Washington Post

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